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Nightshade Academy: Core Curriculum

Nightshade Academy is a unique setting based on the FATE and Fudge gaming systems. Play a student of Nightshade Academy, and help save the world! Join the magical school and play in a medieval fantasy setting like no other.

Will you be a powerful human wizard? Or a paladin for a god? With you manipulate nature with your very being, or are you more feral than that? Perhaps you're an elven bard? Whatever you choose to play, you know that in this school, you're destined to save the world.

Welcome to Nightshade.

Nightshade Academy is a self-contained RPG set in medieval Wales. Core Curriculum provides the rules for gameplay and the history to this alternative universe, important NPCs and gods. The system is also designed to allow you to easily create more content unique to your own campaign. Included in the book are example adventures, character sheets, and example characters. Nightshade Academy can be played with or without dice, and is a perfect RPG for someone who is a veteran table-top player, or a complete newbie! Academy.Curriculum

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