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Nightshade Academy Lite

A streamlined roleplaying system, Lite is geared specially for one-shot adventures and pick-up games although it can be used for campaigns just as well. And even more exciting, it can be used as a stand-alone system and doesn't have to be used with the Nightshade Academy: Core Curriculum setting. This is the perfect system for playing on the go, with minimal character creation.


Nightshade Academy - Student Record

Find it hard to copy the character sheets from the back of the book? Provided for free is the PDF, for easier printing!

Released Supplemental Adventures

A Practical Application of Magic: A free adventure module for use with Nightshade Academy: Core Curriculum. A hands-on class project on magic, as only Nightshade Academy would do it. A perfect first adventure to get new players used to the system, and to what their characters can do.

Finding the Lost Boys: When a group of Nightshade Academy students are accused of thievery, can they track down the real criminals and clear their names?

Opening the Gates: When the Lord Trickster of Arcadia comes calling, asking for help to free his people, what will a group of Nightshade Academy students do? Save the day, of course!

Things Foretold: A group of students get together to do a project, but destiny intervenes and soon they find themselves off on a wild adventure to battle an ancient evil.

The Piper Cometh: A little girl brings news of a necromancer operating in her village on Halloween. The catch? She's a ghost. Can you help her save her town or will it, and perhaps the whole of England, be overrun by the undead?

Sanctuary: When a group of students is given a quest by the Incarnate of Death herself, can they succeed in restoring the sanctity of the Sanctuary of the dead students of Nightshade's past?

The Hunter: Kidnapped by a hunter who prefers to hunt people, can a group of Nightshade Academy students survive the night and make it home alive?

Night at the Parasol Factory: When people start going missing and thefts are reported all over the city of London, its up to a group of Nightshade Academy students to figure out what's going on...and possibly to save the city itself.

Krampusnacht: A group of children is approached by the Krampus to help save his twin brother, Nikolas, from a group of dark cultists bent on the destruction of Hope and Light in the world.