Isabelle Vang wanted nothing more than to live her life, like any other girl; faeries make that very hard to do.

Isabelle, known to most as Izzy, is trying to settle into her life. She's graduated high school, she's got a part-time job in the next city over, her own apartment, and she wants nothing more than to just be herself. Things are going okay, until her godparents show up on her doorstep one night, and tell her she owes them, and they're giving her a quest.

She's ready to write it all off as a dream, and try to be normal, until her best friend, gone for the last 5 years, shows up on her doorstep, telling her to get ready to go to The Otherworld.

Liminal explores what it means to not really fit in. The main character, Izzy, provides her own narrative through the story, and how her day-to-day life and struggles color the world around her.

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