Team Hivemind

Team Hivemind is a two-person independent game company, dedicated to making games that are fun for all ages, across all genres, no matter the skill level. It started with a single product: Nightshade Academy. From there, we've spread our focus from just table-top games to card games. We hope, in years to come, we can create more and more projects and products for people to enjoy.

The company first gained its name in April 2013, though the first product would not be released until that Halloween. The entirety of that first game was completed in those 5 months. Over the last 4 years,we have published four full games, a deck of divination cards, and a novella. We have a production queuethat is roughly 40 items long, and every time we appear at a convention, another game is thought of, design notes frantically scribbled, and we get excited to do it all again.

As a company, we thrive off diversity in our games, not just in genre, but in representation. People of all sorts exist, and we are proud to do our best to make sure people can look through our designs and see themselves. In the years to come, we only hope we can do even better.