Card Games


In this competitive card game, goal taking is the goal. Played with a standard deck of playing cards, up to four players can compete to see who gets the most goal cards. Victory includes the goal cards and rules for play.

Courtly Graces

How well can you communicate? This cooperative card game challenges you to make your intentions clear, while limited in what you can say. Can you get through the entire deck? Courtly Graces is played with a regular deck of playing cards. Bonus hard mode: can you do it with no communication at all?


Time to flex those improvisational skills! Bestseller has the players take on the role of writers trying to pitch their book concepts to the publisher, and beat out all the others. Bestseller plays on common Young Adult novel tropes, bringing a note of humor, and a lot of creativity. The standard deck comes with 150 cards in the base game.

Bestseller: Classic Literature 101

Our first expansion to the Bestseller game, adding in more literary tropes! This 44 card addition to the base game pokes fun at all those high school required-reading books.


How far can you go without getting caught? Contraband is a game that makes you exercise your wit as you try to avoid getting caught, and snagging your opponent instead.