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One of the things you can help us with is gauging interest in what you'd like to see us have on us next year, during our 5th year anniversary! Just fill out this incredibly quick survey and let us know what you think!

You can now follow our convention plans with our new calendar link! As you can tell, next year is already pretty spare. Help us fix that! We love hearing from you guys, and we love learning about new cons we can attend. Drop us a line, and let us know about conventions near you, places you'd like to see us, or even just say hi!

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We now have two new links for you! First is our etsy shop, where we've listed a couple of games to get started. You don't have to come see us in person to buy our games any more! We'll ship them right to you, all over the globe.

Second is for those who may already own all our games, or may not be able to afford them right now. Maybe you don't really play games, and that's okay too! We now have a ko-fi page, where you can donate the cost of a single cup of coffee!

And finally, we should have our calendar up to date, and linked, on the site by the end of this week, so you can see what conventions we're up to this year.

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